Choosing Happiness

Happiness is a Journey

Sometimes you feel unhappy but you just don’t know why. With everything that goes on in high school – exams, peer pressure, sports and extracurriculars, family responsibilities, work, and going to college – it’s no surprise that you might feel a little overwhelmed.

Here are some super easy steps you can take to feeling as good as new again!

- Drink more water, eat more veggies: If you eat and drink healthier, you’ll have more energy to face the day. Try it; cut down on sugary drinks, drink ~8 glasses of water, and make sure every meal has some variety.

- Get moving: Exercise keeps you fit and looking good but did you know it also helps boosts those natural happy chemicals in your brain? The great part about exercise is that are so many different kinds like running, hiking, dancing, playing a sport, and weight lifting just to name a few.

- Clear your mind: Life can get pretty hectic and sometimes you need a brain break. Take some YOU time, even if it’s just 5 minutes, to get your thoughts in order. Some examples include reading, prayer, watching a tv show, journaling, yoga, or meditation.

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