When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

To the 2013 senior class, congratulations! You finally graduated high school and college is right around the corner. Picture how fast high school went by – college goes 10X faster. Each year goes faster and faster and before you know it you’ll be standing at your 2017 senior college class graduation throwing your cap in the air. But let’s rewind. Let’s focus on how we can make your college experience the most proactive!

Here’s some advice on certain things that you do NOT want to learn the hard way! First things first, budgeting. As a freshman in college we may get carried away with our spending money, so remember don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Additionally, here are some articles that will focus on some of the greatest CEO’S personal advice to high school graduates, some advice from universities themselves, and facing freshman fears!

The Best Advice for High School Graduates Entering College
Graduation from college in four to five years may seem far off but it’s around the corner. Start building your legacy brick by brick with doing the right things with your money, career, and education. The small things that you do today will truly make a difference in the future.

Advice from the Top: Words of Wisdom for Graduates
USA Today asks Top CEOs, “If you had a son or daughter graduating from college or high school this year, what advice would you give to them?”

15 Tips on Conquering Your College Freshman Fears
Being nervous about starting college is probably the most normal thing you can do. Your apprehension is a sign that you are already interested in doing well. Additionally, rest assured that most of your fears will probably go away after your first week and that, even if they don’t, there’s always something you can do to change things.